Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a very sweet gift!

i delivered this very sweet gift to the hospital today for a new baby girl! oh how cute!

it has been a very busy few weeks and i have heaps and heaps of parties to share with you soon! i am in between internet connections at the moment so i am slowly catching up on emails and blogging...  

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Monday, August 15, 2011

photographer justin aaron

i am so excited to working with one of my favourite photographers justin aaron in a couple of weeks!! i have been catching up on his blog and here are some of my favourite pics... i think he sees things in a similar way to me, i really love the details he focuses on and the way he uses the geometry of structures to frame photos... just love it... and i really cant wait!

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my dream cake!!

YAY!!! i finally made the cake of my childhood dreams!!
it was my beautiful sisters birthday on the weekend and she requested the candy castle cake from the australian women's weekly children's birthday cake book- the cake we have both dreamed of since we were 5! you may remember my prevoious post here... it was actually fairly difficult to do.. and the lollies are wonky... kind of on purpose...  but in the end i was so happy with how it turned out... so, so, so cute!!

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noahs ark christening cake!

i made this super cute christening cake based on the ADOREABLE imprintables noah's ark invitation and matching cake in the imprintables blog post here.
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

cute bunny baby shower cake!

it was so nice to get back to work and last week i made some super cute cakes for some super sweet customers! i love my job!
i made this sweet bunny cake for victoria's baby shower, she wanted a cute bunny cake based on my magic bunny cake and in a green and blue colour scheme... i paniced for a second about how i can change the original design that much and then i told myself- dont worry naomi, you are an expert in cute! so i made it pop out of grass instead and i really love how it turned out!

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Monday, August 8, 2011

shop 4 kids out now!

one of my favourite magazines, shop 4 kids is out today! i was so excited to see my lovely friend nathalie (from imprintables) featured in the 'all my stuff' section with a sweet mention of my cookies! and how sweet is her profile pic?! i took these cute photos!! i love the way it caputres nat and the boys personalities perfectly!

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these are just a few last pics from my trip... paris, i miss you already!! 
while i was in paris i caught up with my lovely blog friend eloise from la dinette (i recently did an interview for her blog here) and she wrote me a to-do list of all the patisseries to visit! 
these are just a few of the MANY pastries i enjoyed while i was there and pics of the beautiful laduree.. i dont really think their pastries are as amazing as the price suggests... so many of the little side street patisseries are just as amazing... but it is all just so so so pretty! it is worth it just for the packaging!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

les puces! the paris flea markets!

'visit paris flea markets' has been on my to do list since i first read about it on oh happy day! i LOVED exploring the little lanes and i loved all of the styling! ... although i dont really think it was styled on purpose...! if you are visiting paris i highly reccommend a little trip there, i could have spent ages looking for treasure and i could have bought lots of things if i had space in my suitcase! there are some great directions on the oh happy day blog here!
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