Tuesday, May 27, 2014

my little shop!

its been over FIVE months already, oh wow the time has gone so fast! i opened as soon as building was finished in the middle of christmas holidays and then a busy wedding season so my life has been C-R-A-Z-Y ... oh my ... it has been the biggest commitment of my life but luckily i am crazy in love with what i do! so wedding season has finally calmed down and my life is kind of normal at the moment.. i am keeping on top of my emails and slowly catching up on previous emails it reminds me of ringo starr in that episode of the simpsons when i  am replying to emails from january (sorry i promise i am not one of those people that always make simpsons references but this one rings in my head) .. one day i will get through them all - i am really really sorry if i accidentally missed one!!
 anyway these are just a few pics from today! i still cant believe that my dream has come true!
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

aztec shoot

so so so it has been sooooooo long since i have done a blog post but i just remembered about this pretty cake and thought i might quickly blog this shoot that i worked on aaaaages ago for white magazine with photography by justin aaron, flowers by oh fleur, stationary by inking design, props by lily and bramwell, dress by emma soup, jewelry by studio melt and cute modelling by ang from oh fleur! oh and i did the styling and cakes.

we carried/ dragged a whole heap of props through the sand dunes at redhead beach on a chilly winters day to capture this pretty scene! what a team!

ok that will do for now... off bed- i have an early start in the morning! i will blog a shop update soon...

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