Wednesday, May 25, 2011

new profile pic!

a profile photo for hello naomi and scissors.paper.cake has been on my todo list for ages and finally me and nat found the time for a little photo session! it turned out kind of cute!

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cake love!

i was going through my flickr favourites and came across this tasty tom selleck cake by flickr user the small cat club... this really is my favourite cake ever! i was upset when i saw it was classed as a hairy cake wreck once...a cake wreck?! it is nothing but awesome! here are a few more of my favourite cakes ever that i have found on cake wrecks...

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

peaches + cream kitchen tea!

this kitchen tea was ALOT of work! it was so so so gorgeous but unfortunately there was so much to do that i didn't have time to take photos :( !! here are a few pics that i managed to snap and here are the details...

the kitchen tea for 30 guests was held in a beautiful house in woollhara, on a lovely sunday may afternoon... *sigh*
nathalie made the most gorgeous invitation and papergoods based on her oh-so sweet range and i made a single tier version of my pink lace peony cake to match. other sweets included; vanilla bean cupcakes, lemon meringue tarts, vanilla bean scones, french macarons, sugar cookies, turkish delight, honey meringues and bon bons.
the tea selection included- english breakfast, chamomile, peppermint, chai, china jasmine, madagascan vanilla, strawberry and cream and peach! i sourced all the extra bits and pieces that i needed like tea pots, tea cups,  cake plates, vases, servingware, etc, etc all from the vintage kitchen (jo was so, so helpful!)
i used a mix of peach, pink and cream david austin roses and they just completed the sweet /vintage/ tea party look.. along with the doilies. 
and finally the drinks list.. besides all the tea .. included san pellegrino lemon and orange, sparking water and peach bellinis.... 

.... it was my perfect kind of party! when will i be invited to one.. of my parties...??!

cakes + sweets +styling available from hello naomi
invitations + papery cuteness available from imprintables
vintage hire from available from the vintage kitchen
complete party packages available from scissors.paper.cake

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

lollipop love!

my poor flickr has been a bit neglected lately... i love flickr, it changed my whole life and it is why i am now doing my hobby as business. it was also such a great place to 'meet' so many wonderful people who share a love for all things crafty and cakey...

one of those lovely people is jenny, from lollipop workshop, i have always LOVED her work- she has the most unbelievable sense of colour and cute! i thought i would share some of my favourite pics of hers.. i am dying to make a cake with one of her toppers one day!

visit her flickr here and her etsy shop here!
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

noah's christening featured in little one baby


late last year.. wow time goes fast... nathalie and i worked on this gorgeous christening for little noah! it all turned out so sweet!! and it was a nice suprise when mum, michelle, told me that is was going to be in the winter issue of little one baby (out now!)

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wedding editorial: the knot and shop till you drop!

yay! my yellow peony and buttercream cupcakes were featured in the '3 stylish weddings' section of the knot. the gorgeous garden wedding was styled by hollie noonan- thanks hollie! my yellow peony was also featured in the wedding special in the latest issue of shop till you drop along with my black, red and white diamond and stripe cake!
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

shop 4 kids out now!

the latest issue of shop 4 kids is out now- pick yourself up a copy and checkout the super cute party feature! i was asked to make a rainbow cake (with one charming partys cake as inspiration) and i also made some matching rainbow cupcakes and garden cupcakes aswell... i think it all turned out just so cute!
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

planet cake springtime course!

ta da! this is the result of my planet cake springtime 106 class!! 

i learnt so much in the 3 days and i was so so so happy with the class. linda was a fantastic teacher and the class was so well structured. on the first day we learnt how to stucture the cake, ganache and prepare the sugar flowers, day 2 we covered the cake worked some more on our flowers and began decorating and on the final day we assembled the cake, finished decorating, assembled flowers and covered the board... it was alot of work to make this ginormous* cake!
it was also so lovely to meet all of the other students who share the same passion for cakes, they were the just sweetest bunch of girls and it was so nice the way everyone shared ideas for their designs. below are some behind the scenes photos, action shots and the class results- everyones cake turned out AMAZING- dont you think...?!!
hmm... now what do i do with my ginormous* cake??... it is my birthday this week but i dont know 200 people to share it with!

oh and planet cake are holding a japan relief cupcake workshop on wednesday 25th of May, it is a great chance to learn to make some cute japanese themed cupcakes and help japan with all proceeds going to the red cross.

*Definition of ginormous :.  (jī-nôr'məs)1. (adj.) Used to describe something so large that it is additively gigantic and enormous
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