Monday, August 8, 2011


these are just a few last pics from my trip... paris, i miss you already!! 
while i was in paris i caught up with my lovely blog friend eloise from la dinette (i recently did an interview for her blog here) and she wrote me a to-do list of all the patisseries to visit! 
these are just a few of the MANY pastries i enjoyed while i was there and pics of the beautiful laduree.. i dont really think their pastries are as amazing as the price suggests... so many of the little side street patisseries are just as amazing... but it is all just so so so pretty! it is worth it just for the packaging!

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  1. Hummm, everything looks so delicious!
    Do you have recommendations of good patisseries in Paris? I'm going to Paris in October, and I'd love the feedback of an expert! Ladurée looks amazing, but it might be too crowded for my taste, so I want to have a list of options too, want to share?

  2. Ahh Laduree, how I love you!

    What other patisseries did you visit while there? I love Pierre Herme and Angelina as well!

  3. Glad to be here ^^, i'm stealing you the pic, the one i got are horrible.
    Yes, Laduree is definatly not my fav!