Wednesday, January 30, 2013

more cake maths!

my cakes are easily broken down, mix and matched..  size? colour? flowers? piped pattern? done!
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

instagram... so hot right now


i know instagram was so hot right now about a year ago, but i think it is still the place to be! it is super great to be able to post pics of my work as i go and it is nice to be able to share more personal aspects of my life- places i love in newcastle, things i adore.. and coffee i drink ... !

i also love it as a distraction, as soon as i pick up  my phone i will check what is happening.. it is nice that peoples streams dont get filtered for you so i actually get to follow people and it is good to know that people are actually seeing your content as well- everyone wins! 

anyway if you want to see more pics of coffee.. and maybe some cake pics too! follow my instagram! @hellonaomicakes !!!

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peach peony + doily

i was quite in love with this sweet little engagement cake! it looks a bit more pale than it actually was, but the pretty mint and peach colour scheme was just so lovely!
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

flamiiinnngggo! and wisteria paper

i love, love, LOVE flamingos! i was so excited when i was asked to make a cake and cookies for a baby shower based on this gorgeous invitation design by wisteria paper... what an adorable theme!! i wasn't really sure where to start with the cake topper- it seemed like a bit of a structural challenge but it turned out so cute and i made hand painted cookies to match the style of the invite with a cool retro~tropical theme thing happening! cute, cute, cute!

oh and i am crazy in love with all of wisteria paper's designs be sure to check out their etsy, facebook and stall at the olive tree markets...!!!
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

spatula icing, peonies and hydrangeas!

i am so proud of this cake! it is my largest and most detailed cake to date, the realistic style sugar peonies took forever to make- so, so, so many petals! but it was all completely enjoyable because i was so excited to see the result! and ta da! oh and best of all it was white chocolate and vanilla bean mud cake with white chocolate, cinnamon and cardamon filling- yum!!!
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