Friday, November 30, 2012

so proud! new sugar peonies!

i am so super proud of my latest sugar flowers... a few weeks ago i saw these peonies in a florist- they were the most perfect peonies i had ever seen... they were $40 for the bunch... so i hesitated.. but they were sooo pretty!!! anyway i bought them and i have been dying to make a sugar flower version since... so ta daa! ..
will post a pic of the pretty cake it went on soon...!!
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

festoon party lights available from lily and bramwell!

my friends lily and bramwell just keep getting more and more awesome! i have always LOVE LOVE LOVED these gorgeous strings of festoon lights and now they are available to hire!!!! they are so perfectly pretty for a garden wedding!!

pics via lily and bramwell's fb page
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Thursday, November 8, 2012

a rainbow of wedding cakes..!

YAAAYYY!!!!! i have a rainbow!!!!!!!!!!! i realised the other day that i must have made a rainbow's worth of cakes by now... so i put this together! i think it is a nice way to catalogue some of my favourite designs and it is a nice colour scheme reference...!

wedding cake designs by hello naomi

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

barnyard fun!

i have wanted to make a cute little cake to match the imprintables barnyard fun invite for AGES!! it comes in so many cute colour combinations- the cake is based on a cute girl colour scheme- the original colours are super cute and it looks really sweet in a blue and yellow scheme...

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pretty wedding cakes

 here are a few pretty wedding designs that i have made recently...
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Monday, November 5, 2012

novelty classes at planet cake!

a couple of weeks ago i attended the novelty 107 dragon and novelty 108 wine bottle class at planet cake! CC was a really great teacher, i learnt HEAPS over the 6 days and added a few new skills to my list... like airbrushing, using gloss and structuring 3d cakes... i probably still wont be making too many novelty cakes too soon but it might come in handy one day...!

the best thing is that i gave the dragon cake to nathalie's boys (who took it to school) and later i received these sweet cards in the mail- oh! so adorably sweet!! it totally made my day! but the wine bottle ended up in the bin, i am sorry to say.. i just didnt have anything to do with it and my friends are sick of me giving them cake!

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cute heart favour cookies...

its official- these cute little heart cookies are officially my favourite bonbonniere, they have been quite popular lately and i LOVE how it matches any colour scheme so delightfully! thanks so much to caity for sending me this pic of her hen's party setting- it is so gorgeous!!

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

dreaming of...

... a holiday... i have been looking back through my holiday photos and i really wish i was in macedonia right about now... it was just the most beautiful, relaxing place to be .... sigh!
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