Tuesday, July 16, 2013

private classes in august

i am not a person that likes to brag BUT when it comes to teaching- i am pretty good*! it has taken me a long time to develop my methods and style and it is really important to me that my students get it right and are happy with their results. these are all photos of my students work from my private classes and i am seriously amazed with their results!! i look at them and i am sure i have made them! 
i am scheduling a few dates for private classes in Newcastle during August, prices start from $600(depending on ingredients costs)/ day, 10-4.30. you can learn heaps more in a day with a private class and i can customise it to suit what you would like to learn. below is a guide to what you can do in a day or two.
1 day- cupcakes, cookies and cake pops- bake and decorate
1 day- beginners cake decorating- 6" cake with simple topper + decorate cupcakes 
1 day- beginners cake decorating- 6" cake with complex topper
1.5 days - sugar flowers and spatula icing dummy cake
2 days- sugar flowers and fondant single tier cake.
2 days- extended 2 tier wedding cake w/ piping and sugar flower

the price is for a private one on one class. depending on what you would like to learn and the space required up to 2 people may be accommodated if you wish, an additional person starts from $200/ day and an extra hour will be allocated to the class. 
Please email me contact@hellonaomi to arrange a date and quote..!
*my students are pretty good too!
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30 and totoro

oh my! i am so super behind in blog posts! BUT i have some news with my shop! building has finally started and i finally have a ceiling! yaaayy!! there is still a bit to do for the plumbing , electrical, walls and floors but it is all coming along smoothly!

oh and in the mean time i turned 30! umm over 2 months ago now... but i have been meaning to blog about my cake.. that i made for myself... totoro! he was cute AND delicious...!
turning 30 also made me have a bit of a 'where is my life going, what have i done with my life' crisis especially with all the stress of the shop... but a couple of months into it- 30 is good! i am extremely lucky to be able to do what i love and although i am dreading the lack of sleep that i will have when i finally open my shop... i just cant wait for the rest of it! i am aiming for early~ mid september... umm fingers crossed!

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