Wednesday, April 4, 2012

the school is open! i will be teaching a kids school holiday class!

the school by megan morton is now open! i will be teaching a school holiday class for kids on the 17th of April- how fun!! one of my best memories from kindergarten was when i did a cooking lesson and we covered milk arrowroot biscuits with pink icing and smarties.... that and our excursion to the zoo to see the pandas fifi and xiao xiao ... i also used to love reading mums aww childrens cake book dreaming about the castle cake... anyway in hindsight i can see that i was destined to be a cake decorator... so hopefully this might give your children some confidence in the kitchen and teach them that your job can be something fun when you grow up!

for schedule and booking info see the school
for grown ups classes please see my current newcastle schedule here

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