Sunday, April 22, 2012

my buttercream and cake pops class!

i really love teaching! i find it so, so rewarding and i am always so proud of my students work! i thought i would share a few photos from my buttercream and cake pop class that i taught yesterday to give people a bit more of an idea of the set up. the essential ingredient newcastle have an amazing classroom kitted out with an amazing kitchen (+ kitchen aids!!)- everything i need to be able to teach the first step of baking, which i think is just as important as decorating. 
the day started with me demonstrating my vanilla cupcake recipe and then my students mixed up their own and popped them into the oven. i then demonstrated how to work with fondant and make cute little sugar decorations- then they worked on their own. we then had a super delicious lunch provided by the essential ingredient cafe and got back to work mixing up our buttercream icing. explaining how to pipe a buttercream swirl is actually quite tricky, but with a bit of practice everyone got it right. we then mixed up our cake pop mix, melted chocolate, dipped and decorated... it was all a lot of fun! 

i will be listing a couple more classes soon, keep an eye out on my blog and facebook for dates or email me ( to register your interest!
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  1. This looks like so much fun! Wish I could have attended. I think it's wonderful that you enjoy sharing your skill and talent with others!

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  3. Sorry: I removed the above because of a typo. I wish I lived in Australia, too. This looks wonderful!

  4. YAY!!! I wanna do another workshop with you, you're the sweetest teacher ever!! I'm sorry i haven't answer your email, was over busy, and twas really helpfull!! Thank you so much, you're the best!!

  5. Wonderful! For some reason I saw these the other day and though of your wonderful work.

    Thanks for this awesome blog, it's a place of relaxation for me, such stunning and beautiful and marvelous colors!