Monday, April 2, 2012

a really sweet little wedding cake...

this sweet little 6" square cake was for a really sweet couple and their intimate wedding with 13 guests... sigh!

i made sweet peas for the first time, they turned out so, so .... sweet! they were just meant to be filler flowers but kind of ended up being the feature.

sorry for using the word 'sweet' 4 times in this post... now 5 ... but i think that is the only way to describe it all! ok 6 now that i've written the title.
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  1. Sweet is the right word. You're amazing. It's the most lovely cake I've ever seen!

  2. i just discovered your site and i love love love your cakes! everything is sooo beautiful and adorable!

  3. I love the cookies! They look so cute (and yummy)!

  4. How about wedding pasta or pantries, is anyone did that before?

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