Tuesday, April 3, 2012

megan morton, the school and the propery

megan morton is just amazing, i am so incredibly in awe of everything she does.  last week i was lucky enough to catch up with her and check out her AMAZINGLY beautiful new space for the school, the studio and the propery... it is just heaven! 

the school will be releasing the first schedule of classes this week and it sounds so, so wonderful with styling, craft and children's classes with some amazing teachers... i really can't wait to see the class list!

oh and i have included some pics from the propery, again this place is just heaven- every cute little detail you could possibly want- colour coded!!

AND when i was there i got to meet holly hipwell, whos blog- the flower drum- i totally adore! lucky me! she was setting up for the school's launch class where she taught how to make super cute flower bombs... i wish i could have gone!

anyway, so the key word of this post- amazing... or heavenly... they are the only words i can find to describe it all. thank you megan for creating such an amazing, dream-like place. 
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