Wednesday, December 14, 2011

inpired by... greece!

i was so excited when i was asked to make a grecian inspired cake, i have had this design in my head since i visited samos island earlier this year. i was so inspired by all of the shades of blue and aqua and all of course all of the beautiful hydrangeas! the cake design ended up being quite simple, but i like it like that... everything was just so beautiful and simple there... *sigh*
and i have been sighing over this lovely pic in my pintrest collection for a while now...
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  1. That cake really took my breath away. How unimaginably gorgeous!

  2. Hi Naomi, this is so pretty! I'd love to know - how do you transport your buttercream cakes / get them onto stands without having them mounted on a board that's bigger than the cake? I love the clean look of having the cake sit directly on the stand.
    April x