Thursday, December 8, 2011

my classes at fair cake london- part 2!

london was just so fantastic, it still feels a bit unreal that i was asked to teach .. sometimes i still feel like a bit of an amateur ... but everyones results were so fantastic and i was so proud of what they achieved and so proud that i taught them! many of my students hadnt worked with fondant before, never piped before, never piped on the side of a cake, never ganached and/ or never covered a large  cake before... i didnt realise how exhausting it would be- it took alot of energy running around the class room trying to catch people before they made mistakes, but in the end it was just so rewarding!

the pics above are from my daily walk to work through the cute suburb of greenwich to fair cake's vanilla workshop *sigh* i was lucky enough to arrive at london during a 'heat wave' which meant a week of totally glorious weather- i didnt understand what everyone always complains about! oh and i had the best lunch made up from products i picked up at the cute delicious bread, cheese and fruit + veg shop... swiss cheese, avocado, tomato and fig sandwiches- yum!!

and below are some more photos from my classes... these pics are from my second cookie class and my 2  day wedding cake class- i only had time to snap a few pics in between my running around, but i think they still capture everyones concentration, what a fantastic workspace vanilla workshop is and how fantastic their results were ... !
while i was in london i also had the chance to catch up with some of my internet cake friends! i was lucky enough to meet up again with my lovely flickr friend chris (abbietabbie), i had the pleasure of meeting her when she visited sydney a few years ago and it was so nice to see her again! she has always been so encouraging, she is just so lovely and really is one of my most favourite people!
i also had a chance to meet up with natasha from nevie pie cakes at the fancy department store selfridges where she was delivering her sweets to. we have been friends on flickr for ages, i have always admired her beautiful hand painted sweets and it was so nice to finally meet her.. oh and she gave me  a gift!
it was also so lovely that some of my friends were able to attend my classes!! i was so happy that my long time flickr friend louise (swissy missy) was able to come to my wedding cake class! it was only her second time covering a large cake in fondant and piping on the side- her results were amazing!! louise wrote a great blog post about the class here!
and my super lovely, sweet french friend eloise also came to my wedding cake class! i met eloise earlier in the year when i traveled to paris (a little blog post here) she has the cutest blog la dinette and is just one of the cutest, sweetest people i have met! she wrote a really lovely blog post about my class here!
i had such a fantastic time teaching at fair cake, i feel so lucky and honored that i was asked to visit! i feel so lucky to have met all of my wonderful students and make so many new friends! i am also so lucky to have worked with such a wonderful team at faircake- shikhita, jess and jess are just the best, i really miss them already and can't wait to head back there...  soon... !!

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  1. looks like you had a greyt time, only wish I could afford the classes which is a months salary for me :(

  2. Hi, are you going to come back soon!!! I woud like to go next year in 2012.