Saturday, August 28, 2010

afternoon tea party!

the other day i helped nathalie put together a tea party for her friend. the sweets list included raspberry and coconut cupcakes, french vanilla macarons, vanilla cake with buttercream icing, turkish delight and sugar cookies. some of the cute details included poppies in milk glass vases, doillies, tea cups and saucers, cake plates and stands all sourced from my local antique store.
unfortunately i didnt get many good photos- the afternoon shade was very blue and glarey... :( but it turned out really cute and would be so perfect for a bridal kitchen tea or baby shower!
next week is a BIG weddding week- i have 3 wedding cakes to do and a wedding magazine shoot- wish me luck!
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  1. this looks delicious!!!
    I will ngo for an afternoon tea later...oh i hope it will be cute like this one...

    love from amsterdam

  2. Totally adorable tea party! Love your style! Good luck with the wedding cakes, I'm sure they will be just as beautiful and delicious as ever!

  3. How wonderful! It makes me happy just looking at all your pics! You are my cake hero!!

  4. What a sweet looking tea party. I see you have used the cute little nectar bottles for milk. I think the photos you posted are lovely, they have that dreamy feel to them. The tea cups and saucers are gorgeous. It all looks terrific.