Saturday, August 14, 2010

50's style buttercream sponge cake

my sister requested a sponge cake with buttercream icing for her birthday, so i made this cute 50's style cake! it was really hard to ice sponge cake with cream filling (it took me longer than a fondant cake!) so it turned out a bit messy- but i think it adds to the charm! anyway, i will definitely be trying this one again, it was very, very cute and so so SO delicious!
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  1. It looks delicious Naomi. Happy Birthday to your sister.

  2. Absolutely perfect as usual! Have you seen our Kerry Bear contest Naomi?

    I think you should really come enter because I LOVE your work xx

  3. yummy!
    it looks so mouthwatering....

    Love from Amsterdam

  4. it looks so cute!! sometimes the messy ones are the best ;)

    Looby xx

  5. Your cakes and cupcakes look wonderfully like cartoons!!