Friday, September 30, 2011

tegan's baby shower

i have been looking forward to this baby shower for ages! tegan first contacted me in may to start organising her baby shower, i knew that the time would go fast- but not this fast! tegan wanted a babushka themed baby shower and since the sex was unkown she wanted the colour scheme to be yellow, peach and cornflour blue. nathalie made a very cute custom design and i put together the rest of the sweets and a tea party to match- i think it all turned out so so so sweet!
i also had the pleasure of meeting the girls from chic artistry who do amazing work, i recommend them for any of my brides to be, find their facebook here.
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  1. I am in awe and inspired and emailing my c/v for any positions :)

  2. What a sweet cake!! I love it! Altogether, everything looked great!

  3. Precioso!!! You and nathalie are soo talent.

  4. How sweet, i also did some russian dolls cake pops! Here's the link: oh and you can see my daughters as well ^^.
    Your cake is stunning as usual, can't wait to be at your workshop, it's already next week!!! YAY!!


  5. WOW. The cake itself is amazxing but the styling of the whole table is just beautiful. Makes me want to get pregnant all over again...

  6. so great, naomi! i love watching your beautiful talents bloom!! ^__^