Tuesday, May 17, 2011

lollipop love!

my poor flickr has been a bit neglected lately... i love flickr, it changed my whole life and it is why i am now doing my hobby as business. it was also such a great place to 'meet' so many wonderful people who share a love for all things crafty and cakey...

one of those lovely people is jenny, from lollipop workshop, i have always LOVED her work- she has the most unbelievable sense of colour and cute! i thought i would share some of my favourite pics of hers.. i am dying to make a cake with one of her toppers one day!

visit her flickr here and her etsy shop here!
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  1. Awww, I wanted one of her cake toppers for my wedding but didn't order in time (takes a good amount of time to make and ship). Maybe for our anniversary :)

    [repost due to spelling error]

  2. I love these! They so adorable! :)

  3. Can just see these cuties at a children's party, or even at a fun bridal shower!