Tuesday, May 3, 2011

planet cake springtime course!

ta da! this is the result of my planet cake springtime 106 class!! 

i learnt so much in the 3 days and i was so so so happy with the class. linda was a fantastic teacher and the class was so well structured. on the first day we learnt how to stucture the cake, ganache and prepare the sugar flowers, day 2 we covered the cake worked some more on our flowers and began decorating and on the final day we assembled the cake, finished decorating, assembled flowers and covered the board... it was alot of work to make this ginormous* cake!
it was also so lovely to meet all of the other students who share the same passion for cakes, they were the just sweetest bunch of girls and it was so nice the way everyone shared ideas for their designs. below are some behind the scenes photos, action shots and the class results- everyones cake turned out AMAZING- dont you think...?!!
hmm... now what do i do with my ginormous* cake??... it is my birthday this week but i dont know 200 people to share it with!

oh and planet cake are holding a japan relief cupcake workshop on wednesday 25th of May, it is a great chance to learn to make some cute japanese themed cupcakes and help japan with all proceeds going to the red cross.

*Definition of ginormous :.  (jī-nôr'məs)1. (adj.) Used to describe something so large that it is additively gigantic and enormous
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  1. You MUST be kidding me! Each of these cakes is a spectacular work of ART! I am in awe and your cake is absolutely stunning! Seriously, I am blown away.

  2. OH my god...i like sooo much ^^
    good job!

  3. omg i am breathless! its stunning!!!

  4. Georgeous Naomi, yours and the others. I love that everyone has personalised the cakes with their own designs. I would love to take one (or actually many) of the Planet Cake courses but they have stopped in Brisbane :(

  5. Absolutely stunning cakes!!! Wish I could have been there!

  6. They are all so beautiful! I love the colours you used, so sweet.

  7. Each one is so unique and beautiful! What a great opportunity for you!

  8. One is better than the next.. ! I live in the US and you are so lucky that you are close enough to take their courses... I just received their book and I cannot wait to start working on my first cake.

  9. Hi,

    You cake looks amazing. I love the workshops at Planet Cake but i havent had a chance to do this one yet.

    How did they suggest coving that double barrel bottom teir. Are the two or three cakes in there?
    Did they get to to wrap the fondant around or cover it from the top (like ususal)
    If it was wrapped around, how did you hid the seam?


  10. thanks guys, yes the class was amazing!
    there are 3 cakes and the fondant was wrapped and the seam covered by smoothing- i hope that helps!

    1. thx for the revelation :) I was dying of curiosity. Please show us some time how to smooth them. That'd be highly appreciated. (sorry I live 10-hour-by-plane far to attend your course :(

  11. Wow -so much talent. Beautiful

  12. WOW! Beautiful cakes! could you tell me which books/magazines are those in the picture with the templates? thanks!

  13. WOW all of these are stunning. I want to take a class there! So far away :(

  14. Son todas preciosas,Me ha encantado encontrar éstas maravillas.

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