Monday, March 26, 2012


newcastle baths
nobby's beach
colliseum antique centre
betty mim
wow my classes are fast approaching! it is really great that so many people are making the trip to newcastle to attend- thanks so much!! i thought i would do a little blog post about how wonderful newcastle is so that you guys know what to do while you are here... and maybe to encourage a couple of more people to come aswell...?!  
newcastle is such a fantastic place to live, it is just so so beautiful and such a relaxing city. over the past few years there has been a really amazing change in newcastle, there has always been fantastic beaches and a relaxed cafe culture but with the renew newcastle project there has also been a real creative buzz growing.
to be honest, i dont want too many more people to know how fantastic newcastle is but it was kind of given away when it was listed by lonely planet as one of the top 10 cities in the world to visit in 2011... damn! but anyway, here is a little summary of my favourite things to do...!

the best thing about newcastle is definitley the amazing beaches- a swim, jog or walk around the beach is just the best. and i always love a picnic! king edward park is my favourite place for a picnic or to just lay under a tree for the afternoon

coffee, coffee... more coffee...
there are so many really cute coffee shops with fantastic coffee, my absolute favourite is estabar- they have the most amazing coffee and simple, really delicious food. some of my other favourites are scotties, sproket, good brother, suspension

eat, eat...  eat
breakfast at estabar, sunday morning farmers market, fish and chips from scotties,  dinner on darby st, japanese at honeysuckle, fine dining at bacchus ...

cute little boutique shops and antique shops

day trips
the hunter valley vineyards and port stephens are both about an hours drive and a really lovely day out.

there is also heaps more to do, i found a really fantastic website- precinkt, with a great summary of things to do in newcastle here!

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