Friday, July 29, 2011

le cupcakes di melissa

i have had the most amazing holiday and i have met some amazingly beautiful people who have been so sweet, generous and hospitable... which is a really heartwarming thing. i was lucky enough to spend some time with my lovely friend, melissa from le cupcakes di melissa in sarzana, italy. she is one of the sweetest people i have ever met and she has the cutest little cake shop! we both share a passion for fresh, quality ingredients and the fun of baking, which is a really lovely thing to find and it really shows in her cakes- her cupcakes were so so so delicious! my favourite was the lavender- yum!! 
melissa is one of the first people to bring cupcakes and fondant covered cakes to italy and i think it is just so amazing how dedicated, organised and resourceful she has to be in a country that doesnt have easy access to ingredients and supplies... next time i duck down the shops at last minute to pick up some courveture chocolate, fondant and cutters i will know how lucky i am!
if you are in the la spezia area of italy.. or getting married around there- it is a super popular area for international weddings... i highly reccommend saying hi and having some super delicous cake!! 

thanks so much again melissa!! xx

oh and her facebook is here!

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  1. Hi...I'm in Italy too..and have same proble with her ,its hard too find the supply and trust for the local people to cupcakes and cake cover with fondant....

  2. What beautiful images. You have made me want to go and try some of her delicious looking treats. I am a fan of floral flavors as well so the Lavender sounds super yummy. How interesting they do not have easy access to all the things we take for granted when decorating.