Thursday, October 28, 2010

now taking christmas cookie orders!

ahh! chirstmas is almost here!!! so much to do, so little time! one good idea is to get organised early and order some super cute christmas cookies- they make really sweet and affordable gifts for teachers, clients, friends, stocking fillers, party favours... etc, etc! AND best of all they can be sent ANYWHERE in australia!
i am currently taking orders for christmas so please check my website for pricing information and contact me ( if you would like to place an order!
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  1. These are so pretty - I LOVE the snow globes, so so cute :-)

  2. so adorable!! amazing details! I'm new to your blog & I love it!!

  3. spectacular! love them all, the colours arte amazing!

  4. OMG! Can I just say how cute your blog is? I love the cute cookies especially the snow ball! Loving the very cute paper goods you use and the theme parties you throw. Keep up the good work!