Tuesday, June 3, 2014

palm beach wedding

this was one of my most favourite dessert tables- so simple and so pretty with a white and peach colour scheme against the pretty backdrop of the boat house palm beach. the boat house is one fantastic venue, it was the most stunning january afternoon i have ever seen, mega awesome ben adams was the photographer (who took these lovely photos), holly hipwell from the flower drum designed the flowers (i did the flowers for the table- sometimes it is just easier for me to do it- i didnt know she was the florist, sorry holly i hope they didnt ruin everything)- aleks is one lucky girl with really good taste!

and here is a pic to show you what a lovely day it was and how pretty the flowers were...


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  1. Loved the variety of sweets and the colors worked perfect together!

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  3. That cake is absolutely beautiful! I love it!

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