Tuesday, June 17, 2014

welcome to the 90s!

cake pricing is a tricky one, there is no way to explain how much time goes into making each cake- and even the ingredients costs, crazy, and you just would never, ever think...
it is an issue for every cake maker but it makes me feel better to know that $1200 was a very reasonable price for a cake of this magnitude in the 90s! 
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  1. haha! omg i loved that movie when i was a kid... and yes, don't forget naomi you have your own styled aesthetic that only YOU can produce - you are a designer with years of experience, notoriety and your cakes are worth every cent! i have all my prices on my website so when someone emails me, i know they've read the prices and are ok with the pricing. it weeds out the people who want $40 character cakes... :) wish i could order one of your cakes! ^__^

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