Wednesday, September 11, 2013

shop update- i have walls!!

a year ago i  had super mega exciting news that we bought a shop.. it has been a long time coming and i never would have expected a 9 month delay in building .. but in june the ceiling was finally fixed and we could get started on the renovations- there have still been extra delays but things have gone pretty smoothly since- and i am now so so excited that i have walls!! i also have plumbing and electricity and it is all coming together really well! my shop will soon* be open at 175 king st newcastle, it will be a kitchen, studio space and a cake shop serving a variety of my favourite teas, homemade flavoured jersey milk, amazing glee esspresso and THE most delicious cakes and cookies you have ever tasted, all baked from scratch on site using the best best ingredients.   

i am so so excited that my dream is so so close... *at the moment we are aiming for october.. but definitely in time to be able to sell adorable sweet gifts for christmas!

oh and these pics are all of my instagram follow me @hellonaomicakes!

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