Tuesday, July 26, 2011


my holiday is wrapping up *sigh*, i am currently in paris and i start heading home today via a little stop over in bangkok.. the good news is that i will be really busy when i get back and will be back to cake blog posts!

here are some of my favourite photos from my time in italy!
florence- i loved michalengelo's david, it is truly beautiful and truly a masterpiece. although i love colour, florence looked amazing in black and white. 
pisa- to be honest i have ALWAYS wanted one of those photos holding up the tower, but when i got there, there was a sea of people scrambling to get a spot and posing that i changed my mind and had fun taking photos of them. 
tuscany- cute antique markets in lucca and marina di pisa.
sarzana-we visited cute sea side towns, these pics are from portovenere and cinque terre (5 lands), i love the colours of the buildings against the sea *sigh* so beautiful!

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