Sunday, July 17, 2011

chamonix mont blanc

as a little bit of a contrast to my samos island photos here are some chilly photos from chamonix, mont blanc!
these pics are from a lovely day where we went up to the summit of aiguille du midi (3800m- so so so high!) to look at mont blanc, then we went down to plan de l'aiguille (2300m) to walk around the mountain range to see a glacier and ice cave.  it was all so so pretty, the snow at the top was so peaceful and i love the texture of the walls of the ice cave...

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  1. wow your photos are amazing!

  2. Gorgeous photos! I love Chamonix; it's such a beautiful area. And mont blanc is truly spectacular as you've shown us here

  3. Such beautiful pics.... and I actually feel I cant wait to look at them again in summer! ;)