Tuesday, July 16, 2013

30 and totoro

oh my! i am so super behind in blog posts! BUT i have some news with my shop! building has finally started and i finally have a ceiling! yaaayy!! there is still a bit to do for the plumbing , electrical, walls and floors but it is all coming along smoothly!

oh and in the mean time i turned 30! umm over 2 months ago now... but i have been meaning to blog about my cake.. that i made for myself... totoro! he was cute AND delicious...!
turning 30 also made me have a bit of a 'where is my life going, what have i done with my life' crisis especially with all the stress of the shop... but a couple of months into it- 30 is good! i am extremely lucky to be able to do what i love and although i am dreading the lack of sleep that i will have when i finally open my shop... i just cant wait for the rest of it! i am aiming for early~ mid september... umm fingers crossed!

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  1. Happy belated birthday! If your cakes are any indication your shop is going to be lovely and a big success! Totoro is so cute! :)

  2. wish u all the best in your shop .. and happy belated bday :)

  3. Happy belated birth day. You presentation is really very cute. Good wish for your new plan. I hope your cake shop will be a great success.

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  5. Amazing cake! What a beautiful idea?

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