Tuesday, January 22, 2013

spatula icing, peonies and hydrangeas!

i am so proud of this cake! it is my largest and most detailed cake to date, the realistic style sugar peonies took forever to make- so, so, so many petals! but it was all completely enjoyable because i was so excited to see the result! and ta da! oh and best of all it was white chocolate and vanilla bean mud cake with white chocolate, cinnamon and cardamon filling- yum!!!
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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Stunning, actually! You should be proud of it! What beautiful flowers! Hard to believe they are not real! :) And . . . it sounds like it was delicious to boot! ! !

  2. Holy wow! Your work is amazing. This is my first visit to your blog (I am not a cake maker), found it through random searching for hydrangeas and peonies, what timing!

  3. naomi you are amazing... i love the contrast of the beautiful clean flowers and the spatula-frosted cake... so lovely! congrats on the bonkers flower work!

  4. It was the most beautiful cake people said they had ever seen! you are a genius. Thank you SOOOOOO much .

    Candice Lake