Wednesday, September 12, 2012

instagram and opsm

umm just what i need another distraction... or another something to do as soon as i am waiting somewhere for more than 10 seconds... i am finally on instagram! please follow me @hellonaomicakes!

my mobile camera is pretty limiting- it would be nice to be able to use my cannon- but practical-ness wins and it is nice being able to document the cute details behind the scenes of running my business... like yesterday!! ...

yesterday i catered a stunning high tea for an opsm pr summer launch party, styled by megan morton. i spent all week preparing- i made a gazillion cakes, sweets, gourmet sandwiches, savoury tarts- enough to fill 40 of these cute cake stands- this was a new, massive challenge for me and somehow it all worked out- the whole party and the food looked so, so amazing! but alll that work and i didnt have one spare second to get any photos!! luckily i took ONE on instagram *phew!!* at least i have something to show for it and something to blog about! and luckily i was also able to see heaps of other pics from the party tagged with #opsmsun 

thanks to megan morton for the challenge, thanks so much to lily and bramwell- they are two of the loveliest friends you could ask for- and thanks so much to my one in an infinity sister x
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  1. What a massive undertaking Naomi, and as usual you came out winning.

  2. thanks sharnel! everytime i take on a massive challenge there is alyways a point where i think- is this time the one where i dont make it- but somehow it always works out?!! x

  3. I'm totally Instagram obsessed too! I'm off now to find you. xxx